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elite fuckers

cooler. than. you.

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elitefuckers is a rating community for the elite. no fucking duh. based not only on looks, but intelligence, wit, and good taste, elitefuckers is a community for the best of the best. if you think you have what it takes, go ahead and apply. WARNING: accepted members can say whatever the fuck they want. if you don't think you can take it, don't apply.

bold all of the questions, not the answer.
if you don't do this correctly, your post
will be automatically deleted.

Basics & Such

sexual preference:
political affiliation:
list 6 favorite bands:
list 6 favorite movies:
list 6 favorite books:
why are you an elite fucker?:
what makes you tingly inside?:
describe yourself in 5 words or less:
what 2 things would you add to the interests part of this journal?:
promote us in 2 places and link here:
what is your best and worst quality?:

More About You

list 9 random facts about you

what is your favorite food?:
what is your favorite thing to do?:
do you cut your own hair?:
if your house was on fire (and all your family &pets got out), what 3 possessions would you try to save?:

Finish The Sentence

I wish...
do you remember when...
I forgot...
I hate...
oh my...
my favorite...
one time, I...
I've never...
I have...
look out! it's...
the last time I...
I can...

these are long answer. so make your answer long.

george bush:
michael moore:
organized religion:
gay marriage:
affirmative action:

place 1-5 clear pictures of yourself.


new members:
1. you MUST put your entry behind an LJ-cut. if you don't, you will automatically be rejected. if you don't know how to do an LJ-cut, check out LJ's FAQs.
2. once you join, you have one week to apply. if you don't apply by then, you will be banned.
3. if you are rejected, you can re-apply in 48 hours. after the second time, you cannot re-apply for 3 months.
4. you must put fuck me, I'm elite in the subject line, to prove you read the rules. if you don't, you will be rejected.
5. where the application says to promote, you must promote. not promoting is yet another reason to be rejected.
6. do not make a post other than your application or comment on any other post than your own until you are stamped. the mod will stamp you. if you post anything but your application, you could be automatically rejected.

accepted members:
1. you are free to be as nice or as harsh as you want. remember, this is a community for elite fucks. so do not give pity votes. only vote yes for those you think are cool enough and will fit in.
2. you cannot promote more than 2 communities in here per week. all picture promotions must be behind LJ-cuts. you will be warned twice, then banned if you do not follow this rule.
3. please promote our community as much as possible.
4. always bold you yes or no votes to make it easier on the mod.
5. once accepted, you can post whatever you want, just make sure you put some version of "stamped" in the header.

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