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Fuck me, I'm elite.

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Basics & Such

Name: Pauline
Age: 15
Birthday: October 18, 1988
Location: Connecticut = The most happenin' state, ever.
Gender: F to the emale.
Sexual preference: Uh. Should that matter?
Political affiliation: I support Green Party all the way, but I'd rather not see Bush in office again so if I could, I'd choose to vote democrat.
List 6 favorite bands:
Hot Rod Circuit
Green Day
Steve Miller Band
Feable Weiner
Home Grown
List 6 favorite movies:
Young Frankenstein
Training Day
Sixteen Candles
Under the Tuscan Sun
Monty Python; The Meaning of Life
Finding Nemo (I'm astounded by the animation. It was a fucking gorgeous film.)
List 6 favorite books:
The Lovely Bones (I don't give a flying fuck if you had to read it for school. That was an amazing book and your ass should know it.)
The Notebook
The Secret Life of Bees
High Maintenance
American Summer
The Chelsea Girl Murders
Why are you an elite fucker?: Because I shoved a camel up your mom's gine then beat her with bologna.
What makes you tingly inside?: Art museums
Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Intoxicated son of a gun.
What 2 things would you add to the interests part of this journal?: Boobs and artists
Promote us in 2 places and link here:
What is your best and worst quality?:
Best- I'm a hopeless romantic.
Worst- I'm a hopeless romantic.

More About You

List 9 random facts about you
+I draw
+I paint
+I can't move a single toe without moving the rest.
+I used to have a Boston accent when I was little, even though I had never been to Boston at that time.
+Food poisoning fucked up my stomache so that I end up puking a lot.
+While camels retain water, I retain diet coke.<3
+I eat potato chips with ketchup.
+I don't eat cow, sheep/goat, pig or duck
+I have 2 tattoos at an illegal age
What is your favorite food?: Pasta, hands down.
What is your favorite thing to do?: I like to chill chill. Watch movies while eating snicker bars.
Do you cut your own hair?: Um.. Yes and no. I cut my bangs and I have a hair dresser do the rest.
If your house was on fire (and all your family & pets got out), what 3 possessions would you try to save?: My pink cush pillow, my pillow type sun that I have hanging on my wall (it's been with me my whole life) and my portfolio (which has all my sketchbooks and shiz in it).

Finish The Sentence

I wish... I had my license now.
Do you remember when... we kissed in the rain?
I forgot... What I had for breakfast yesterday.
I hate... ignorant people that can't accept others just for their differences in appearances or beliefs.
Oh my... crotch!@#$$#(^@#%!#$%()!@#$%!!
My favorite... stapler is swingline.
One time, I... ate cat shit when I was a baby. T'was my mom's fault for sitting me down next to the cat litter box!
I've never... had sex with someone I love.
I have... to wait to get my sleeve tattoo until I graduate from high school.
Look out! it's... my raping giraffe! Hide your cereal, bitches!
The last time I... heard your voice was before you hung up on me.
I can... make my tongue do some funky stuff.. It makes for good party tricks.

these are long answer. so make your answer long.

George Bush: I'm assuming George Dubbya Bush? But yeah, he's a fucking crack head, no bout a doubt it. No one can control an idiot with power, which explains the 'War on Terrorism' and 'War on Iraq.' He's an ignorant pig who will not tolerate anyone that has less than him. I despise the fact that he's against gay marriages. I want to shoot him in his rectum with spoon gun.
Michael Moore: Good for him for standing up against Bush. Though I didn't care too much for the 9/11 movie, it bored the hell out of me.
Organized religion: It's a beautiful thing. Whatever gets people through the day, I respect it very much so. That's all I have to say about it so bite my ass.
Gay marriage: It's the natural right of being able to love someone that makes it alright. They're people who have affection for someone else, so what's so wrong with that? They have the right to have compassion for someone else, too. I embrace their differences and I believe it's wonderful. I'm so happy that more states are starting to realize that they are good people who just want to love. Absolutely, good for them.
Straight-edge: Once again, I have a lot of respect for them. As long as they don't lose their edge over time, then it just wouldn't be worth it. It'd be like most of their life was a big lie. I myself enjoy having a little fun with some substances here or there. I live life how I want to live it, as long as no one preaches to me it's all good in my book.
Affirmative action: I mean as long as people get a fair chance then it's a good thing. It's not about diversity, because everyone is the same, it's about who is best qualified for the job. I don't believe in the idea of hiring someone just because they have a different race, that's not what it's about. It's all about getting the right person for the right job based on their experience or qualifications for it.


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