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Fuck me, I'm elite!

Basics & Such</b>

name: Alyssa
age: 16
birthday: May 24.1988
location: Mesa.AZ
gender: la femme
sexual preference: I <3 boys
political affiliation: Independent
list 6 favorite bands: Slipkot, Underoath, Further Seems Forever, Mnemic, 40 Below Summer, ThrowDown, Incubus
list 6 favorite movies: Empire Records, SLC Punk, Harold and Kummar Go to White Castle, King Arthur, The Craft, Underworld
list 6 favorite books: Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Taking, 3rd Degree, Cat and Mouse, When the Wind Blows
why are you an elite fucker?: I have my own opinions, I speak my mind, I'm bitchy, damn the man.
what makes you tingly inside?: heavy metal, sex, drugs, running
describe yourself in 5 words or less: athletic, bitchy, open-minded, dangerously crazy
what 2 things would you add to the interests part of this journal?: rock n' roll. icons and graphics.
promote us in 2 places and link here:
what is your best and worst quality?: best: personality. I don't play games with people. I am striaght up with them on whether or not I like them. worst:sarcasm. Unless you know me enough, my sarcasm can be taken for arrogance or just being a bitch.

More About You

list 9 random facts about you
+ I can curl my tongue
+ I have my right nipp pierced
+ Gothic boys give me the warm fuzzies
+ I adore making my own clothes.
+ This girl is a certified book worm. I go to the library almost weekly and am proud of it!
+ My hair is dyed black.
+ I can play the drums, and some chords on the guitar
+ Tokyo and anything Japanese fascinates me
+ I was born in Chicago

what is your favorite food?: Vegetable Lasagna from Maggiano's restuarant
what is your favorite thing to do?: chill with my buddies and rock out to Fear Factory
do you cut your own hair?: I cut the layers around my face, but not the rest of my hair.
if your house was on fire (and all your family &pets got out), what 3 possessions would you try to save?: photo album, box my grandmother's ashes were in, and my journal

Finish The Sentence

I wish... to take over the world. buahaha.
do you remember when...those beaded lizards made out of ribbon were all the rage?
I forgot...where I put my rad trucker hat.
I hate...people who can't take what they dish out.
oh my...I seem to have left my thong at his house.
my favorite...kiss is stolen.
one time, I...walked into a sliding glass door completely sober.
I've never...kissed a member of the same sex.
I have... more secrets than you'll ever know.
look out! it's...Puss in Boots!!!
the last time I...regretted something was gtting involved with coke.
I stick shift.

these are long answer. so make your answer long.

george bush: He has made plenty of bad decisions which outnumber his few good ones by far. I dislike Kerry as well but he is the lesser of two evils. Our current government definately needs a line-up change. More focus needs to be put on issues at home, rather than trying to save the rest of the world first.
michael moore: He is a very interesting man. I agree with most if not all of his views. I saw Bowling for Columbine and Farenheit 9/11. I enjoyed both movies. I also read "Dude Where's my Country?" It was very humorous but still got the point across. Thank goodness someone has the guts to speak him mind.
organized religion: It's not for me. Religion is the number one cause of death and wars in this world. Too many times has it been twisted to suit other people's needs. If you want to believe in a religion, so be it but please don't force your views onto me.
gay marriage: It's sickening that there is even a fight over gay marriage. If two people are so in love that they wish to commit the rest of their lives to one another, they should be allowed to marry. Why is it such a controversial matter? To quote "A Walk to Remember", Love is blind. It knows no gender, religion, race, etc. Gay marriage should be allowed.
straight-edge:</b> Its cool. I personally am not sxe. I have my fun with maryjane and alcohol. I would never pressure anyone else into doing those things though. I think it takes a lot of courage these days and conviction to be sxe. So those who are sxe, I have much respect for.
affirmative action:</b> It was useful in the past, but times have changed. The world has modernized its views, and so must the laws. There are enough scholarships and oppurtunities for minorities that affirmitive action is no longer needed.

place 1-5 clear pictures of yourself.

I am the one kneeling behind Stephanie.
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