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fuck me, i'm elite.

Basics & Such
name: Melissa
age: 16
birthday: June 3rd
location: Derrty Souf', (woodstock) GA.
gender: Female
sexual preference: penis.
political affiliation: n/a
list 6 favorite bands: Ima Robot, Metric, BTBAM, Bury Your Dead, The Blood Brothers, Minus The Bear. though i'm also a huuuge fan of pop-punk. :x
list 6 favorite movies: Rocky Horror, Detroit Rock City, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Welcome To The Dollhouse. &any disney movie.
list 6 favorite books: Trainspotting, Salems Lot, Kiss My Tiara, Girl,Interrupted, The Vagina Monolouges.
why are you an elite fucker?: I'm picky, I want what I want, I'm honest. I'm a bitch. &I fucking love it.
what makes you tingly inside?: <3 boyfriend.
describe yourself in 5 words or less: crazy. brutal. hyper. honest. picky.
what 2 things would you add to the interests part of this journal?: murder scenes. digital cameras.
promote us in 2 places and link here: ___shshakeit (sry its a f.o. community.) &in my user info. arsonist__
what is your best and worst quality?: best: honest. worst: quick temper.

More About You
list 9 random facts about you
+ my elbows are double jointed.
+ i HATE feet.
+ butterflies make me squirm.
+ i've been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years.
+ i was vegetarian 2 years. just recently broke it.
+ i have a baby faux-hawk. (fashon hawk)
+ i tried to go Vegan once &broke it by eating a gummie bear. :(
+ i have a girl crush on Brody Dalle &Courtney Love.
+ i always chip off my nail-polish. idk why i can't stand it.

what is your favorite food?: italian foods.
what is your favorite thing to do?: probably playing bass. or being with my boyfriend.
do you cut your own hair?: i did before this hair cut. it was to big of a change.
if your house was on fire (and all your family &pets got out), what 3 possessions would you try to save?: a box with memories of my boyfriend in it. my bass guitar. &my cd's.

Finish The Sentence
I wish... i could sleep!! (it's 7:12am &i'm still awake.)
do you remember when... the side pony tail was "cute"??!?
I forgot... how badly adema sucked...ha.
I hate... cunts.
oh my... jesus christ banana's!
my favorite... mistake.
one time, I... was in a car wreak with a car &a bull.
I've never... eaten potatoe soup. or broken a bone.
I have... been vegetarian 2 yeaaars!
look out! it's... mr.mccracken the killer hampster!
the last time I... sneezed was about 3 minutes ago.
I can... do a split. ??

these are long answer. so make your answer long.

george bush:

does that answer your question? haha. honestly, he's made a few good decisions. but mostly bad. he doesn't know how to give speaches worth shit. he confuses everyone. he has the intelligence of an 11 year old.

michael moore:
fucking hilarious. i LOVED fahrenhiet 9/11. &he's written some good books as well. funny, funny man.

organized religion:
ok, honestly i have no religion or any kind of view on it. my parents raised me in a very baptist house but i don't have one. i really have no view on religion &i can't really say anything about it. i'm not going to lash out and call it stupid just because i don't follow it. :\

gay marriage:
all for it. i have a lesbian aunt. i guess this is where i say... "love is love". &it's true.

i'm not going to tell people what &what not to do. i'm not straight edge, i've experimented with drugs &alcohol. i didn't like it. so i don't drink or smoke or anything. but, i wouldn't label myself as edge. i just think it's another clique, really.

affirmative action:
i don't know, in some cases it's good. other's its not exactly fair. everyone should have equal rights.


lol, don't ask

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