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Fuck me, I'm elite

Basics & Such

age: 16
birthday: 06.30.88
location: New York
gender: female
sexual preference: heterosexual
political affiliation: anarchist
list 6 favorite bands: System of a Down, Pleymo, Velvet Underground, Rammstein, The Strokes, and DeathAxes.
list 6 favorite movies: White Oleander, Supersize me, She Creature, James and the Giant Peach, Fahrenheit 911(even though much of the information was inadequate), and A.I..
list 6 favorite books: Act 1, Growing Up, Modern Principles of Sociology, Abnormal Psychology, Angela's Ashes, and Maus 1.
why are you an elite fucker?: I only accept the best of the best in everything, I'm rad, but still accepting, and I'm willing to help you guys with this damn cool community.
what makes you tingly inside?: The thought of rocher chocolates with the creamy filling and cocunut outside...hmmmm... 
describe yourself in 5 words or less: a bit temperamental, moody, accepting, lighthearted, and cynical.
what 2 things would you add to the interests part of this journal?: I can help make banners, and be active by promoting and voting on applications.
promote us in 2 places and link http://www.livejournal.com/community/plz_kthx/

what is your best and worst quality?: My worst and best quality at the same time is my ability to forgive people in almost every situation. Just recently, my roomate hooked up with a guy I liked for a while, but in the same day, I was able to warm up to her sympathetic apologies, and we became great friends, and still are...along with her new boyfriend.

More About You

list 9 random facts about you
+ My first language is Urdu, a mixture of Sanskrit, Persian, and Hindi.
+ I moved to America when I was 4.
+ I also speak german and spanish, and will soon be taking Italian.
+ My two dogs, Ty, and Danny, won't drink tap water...only Dasani.
+ I'm 5'3
+ My room has a fireplace:P
+ I read books on criminalogy, sociology, and philosophy for fun.
+ Fun to me is going out with my friends and driving around the city.
+ Enchiladas are my LIFE.

what is your favorite food?: enchiladas con salsa picaannte:P
what is your favorite thing to do?: read. and bitch.
do you cut your own hair?: I know it sounds funny, but sometimes I do...Once a year I get it done professionaly according to the hairstyle or trend I prefer, but otherwise I grab the scissors and trim that shit on my own.
if your house was on fire (and all your family &pets got out), what 3 possessions would you try to save?: I would rather not talk about it, considering my house burnt down a couple years ago.

Finish The Sentence

I wish...I could fly
do you remember when...I stepped on a woman's burka when I was bikeriding?
I forgot...to tell her I was sorry...
I hate...when women wear burkas.
oh my...waiter forgot to bring me sparkling water:P
my favorite...super power is telekinisis
one time, I...wore black lipstick with a white dress...hahahhaa.
I've never...thought it would look that bad:P.
I have...my old plane ticket from last time I was in germany.
look out! it's...my enchilada you're touching.
the last time I...was in town, I sang the circle of life with my friend.                                                                                                         

these are long answer. so make your answer long.

george bush:
I'm not a hardcore environmentalist, but for a president who believes in industry and the cutting down of trees and taking away of our most important natural resources in large quantities, respect is something that is slowly deteriorating when it comes to my opinion on Bush. He also uses divine right in his speeches and says god meant for him to be president, and that lowers my repsect for him also...I don't think I can admire someone who was a cheerleader at Yale, a college he probably got into because of his family backround, and extreme amount of money. All of this could be propaganda, but I don't think his speech's are eloquent, and the way he speaks makes me want to cringe.

michael moore: I thought many of his opinions were not adequate, and even though the bush administration had corrupt agendas, neither was michael moore in the situation any more right and able to stretch the truth then our government was able to do.

organized religion: I don't believe in it, I choose not to be affiliated with a religious group, just as someone may choose to be. Even though I believe religion in ways create conflict and turmoil between certain groups, and will continue to do so, I also believe that for many people, it saves them to know they're not alone, and under the protection of people who feel the same way as them. I'm agnostic because I find no strength in it, neither do I feel it's important because I like the idea that we evolved over many years. It seems more logical, and keeps me from asking too many questions.

gay marriage: I saw a poster not too long ago, in South Carolina, that supported the gay amendment, saying, "Do you want you child to be motherless or fatherless?" and this is proposterous because children are raised to believe that a woman and a man should take care of them together, and then when they get divorced, the child is left in so MUCH inner turmoil. 50 percent of heterosexual marriages end up in divorce and that's a lot of children...instead, a gay couple can raise a child in a loving environment, and then why would they say, "oh woe me, I never got to spend time as a child with my father?"...it's common sense basically.

straight edge: I have friends who're straight-edge and they don't bother me unless they start telling me how lame I am as a person because I drink. I was raised to believe that drugs were a definite nono, so I refuse to do it, but with alchohol, my family was always open with it, so I am too, and I also respect a person's decision to stay away from it, but there is a fine line when you're stressing your view, and making it uncomfortable, and I definitely don't respect it when people are not tolerant of other people's decisions.

affirmative action: I don't necessarily believe it's the most fair thing to do...But for some people, money is more of a problem, and it's obviously evident in the statistics that minorities have less of it, so an opputunity for an ambitious student who doesn't have as much is a great deal, to get into college by some kindof standard differs from an angry student who will have enough money to get into college but still opposes the fact that they have a standard to which they do not apply for. I guess I go both ways, I'm neutral.

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